The Jimmy Cooney Column

NOTE FROM IAIN: The Predictor League for Manchester City on Saturday is now open HERE. Entries can be submitted until 10am on Saturday.

Also, please welcome a new columnist to our stable, Jimmy Cooney.

Well, I’m finally trying to write an official blog about a football club that brings many people all over the world, together.

I can’t tell ya why I’m so nervous. Sunday evening was a perfect example of what not just football, but what life, can teach one about up’s, down’s, happy, sad, angry, hopeful, and then, in between the hope and the glory…… complete joy.

Every once in a while, I get a feelin’…. its comes from out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning, or more like a good sugar or caffeine jolt that says “do not give up”. I had the same kinda buzz about 7 years ago (holy moly!!) on a similar October day.

West Ham United F.C., (as we should always consider ourselves, imho)….is a very unique, and historic club. With that, London is a big, big, city, and where I’m all for humans working together when it comes to survival, understanding, acceptance, and forward progress, I would never, ever say that any specific identity, or special traditions, be taken away from any group of people, no matter their size, or heritage.

This is where I want to make myself clear. The reason English football is so appealing to me, (for those who don’t know, I’m from Philadelphia Pa. USA) That it is is “English football”, may it not lose any more of its “English-ness” ( ba-leeeve me), I don’t want no stinkin’ commercials in the middle of my half!!! My posts are obvious, especially that I’d love nothing more than for the next owners of the club to be Sir Trevor Brooking, Tony Cottee, and Carlton Cole! All three are English, and all three, were prolific players for West Ham United F.C., however, I was informed about one who may be going through tough some issues right now that would make it hard to by a home, let alone a top flight, English football club, even one that you have a huge “foot” :-) in the history, and a tradition.

However,as I pointed out, this has become, a worldwide family, and to be honest, I don’t care where the next owners of West Ham United F.C. are from, or what their skin looks like, what God, Tree, or chair they worship, so long as they Really care about Whufc!

Perhaps, overall, the world, can get rid of all the negative factors of the 19th and first half of the 20th Century, focus on the good, and show us into the 2nd quarter, (forgive the inner Yank), :-)) of the 21st, in better shape.

My goodness, my thoughts are all over the place, but like my guest post, I will just free form til I have a better grasp on filing an official column for such a great football club.

There’s nothing like a strike from outside the 18 yard box, in my opinion. Sometimes, a club needs to rely on their amf’s or even *cmf’s to come up with a rifle shot, from, someone who was due, has never even appeared to be anything but thrilled to be a member of of West Ham United F.C.

As a matter of fact, never doubt the “Dan Man”! Where I may have given into this streak of cold blood the state the the world, entertainment and modern sport are in, had I been in charge, and sold Manuel Lanzini, Dan said to keep him “as long as it takes”! Hopefully, Manu is back, hopefully the knee holds up. I’ll will never forget that strike.

Of course, these are not great days for WHUFC or the planet, however we work our best to fight thru a normal day, which, sometimes my shockingly whimsical mind believes that “normal” only existed for about a year, in 1954, and not even that long, but that’s most likely for another blog!

Most folks aren’t happy with the owner ship, which I can understand, however, to say that all three don’t care? I’d say that would be a bit too far to go, at least one, was an East Ham kid, who grew up Jewish, in East London, during the 1940’s and 1950’s (and since I’ve never lived there) I can only imagine, that David Gold may be the only person other than Cass Pennant, that could claim a tougher “paper route” as a kid, Cass, who most know, is African-English and grew up in East London, during the 1950’s and ’60’s).

I know, I’m kind of all over the place, but then one common theme is Unity……… it was amazing….on Sunday evening, that even though, we were done 3-0 in North London, against the bloody Spurs, so many were still holding fast, (maybe drinking heavily, and or, listening to probably some of the same metal tunes that Hamburg was diggin’ on) :-)).

Then, after all the hard work that noticed since Moyes has been back, (quite frankly), slowly, we were meeting their challenges, this group wouldn’t spot comin’, and of course, some will blame Balbuena for the first goal…….not me….. good luck going one on one with Son, I, for rivalry reasons, will always hate Son, (until hes wearing West Ham United claret and blue), however, that is a sports rivalry hate, his infectious positivity is probably 25% of why they have achieved what they have in the last few years.

One must admit, given all the circumstances, Tottenham Hotspur are a club filled with talent. Although, I still would like to see if Kane can actually throw one (a punch) just …… cos he tried to “lowbridge” Cresswell, who will be yet another player that some tend to blame lot of our woes upon, yet, he gives 110% every match he’s fit….anyways, Harry….if you are that good, and upstanding…… how come you dive like an Olympian when someone a foot shorter than you, breathes in your general direction?!?! Meanwhile,Var and the refs still can’t seem to agree?

Anyways, I know I’m all over the place, and I’m really nervous. However, this shows how hard everyone who maintains a weekly column on here, (some, more than one), can be.

Sure, when I’m feeling it, I can jump on and come up be with a long post, but when it needs to be in by a certain time……. it’s difficult, and I respect everyone here that much more for keeping up, week after week, which, how many would have enjoyed as vicious as a hangover as I had yesterday, or writing my first article, had Bale and Kane not whiffed when they had a chance to kill the match off?!?! True. Still? The general message would be the same, I’m pretty sure.

And back ‘round to Sunday’s result, feels that much more like 3 pts, also, cos NO one gave us a shot to stay up, we, believed, we stayed up.

No one gave us a chance to have any points before we hit the so-called “soft part” of our opening to the campaign, were in going on Matchweek 5, in 9th place, on 7pts, with a plus 4 goal differential. Not too shabby.

Well, I’m gonna wind this up, so you all can keep discussing this wonderful football club (I’d still be saying the same had we lost, but like I posted pre match, "I got the same feeling that I had on 6/10/2013……which was a 1-3 win….but sometimes, one point feels like all 3……..

Love You All