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Ken’s cafe is to close its doors at the end of this month it has been announced.

The Green street eaterie once the favourite cafe of many West Ham fans is shutting down.

The family are asking for memories, stories, pictures and well wishes to be emailed for a scrapbook.

Ken and Carol Lucas have been running Ken’s Cafe for 53 years.

Grandson Billy Huckstepp posted the following on the Boleyn Days Facebook group.

Dear fellow Hammers
Ken’s cafe is retiring 1967-2020!!

I am after a little help from you all if you can.

My Nan and Granddad own Ken’s Cafe in Green Street. This was the first cafe as you left the Boleyn ground heading towards Upton Park tube
(also had a burger table outside the shop front)

Ken and Carol Lucas have decided that after 53 years, this is the right time to close their kitchen for good!!
For the majority of their years, West Ham and the supporters were a significant part of their lives and business

Many of you may have your own memories of the cafe over the years.

As a memorial to their time owning the café, We (the family), would like to make a scrap book/ collage for them, from their customers, supporters, happy hammers and friends that they have made over this lifetime of trading.

And this is where I ask you for your help.

We would like you to use the email address at the bottom of this post to send any good wishes, memories, Experiences and photos etc, that you may have and wish to share with them, for us, so we can present them in a scrapbook /collage of them to keep, as West Ham and you have been such a big part of their lives for such a long time.

We are looking to give this to them at the end of the month so please if there is any help you or someone you may know, that went into the cafe and could take a few moments to send a quick email, that would be gratefully appreciated

Any information will only be privately used for Ken and Carol to keep as a scrapbook/collage

Many thanks in advance

Family of Kens Café

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